Sverre og Aleksandra har fått en datter, Johanna

Summer 2007 Turkey


Magnus was baptised Sunday 13th of June




Solveig and Alf Rune have got their 2nd son!!

March the 4th Jørgen got a little brother, Magnus

Welcome to the family!!

One hour old:

Jørgen playing a song to his little brother:

Roald and Ingrid have got their 2nd  son!!

December 23rd, at nine fifteen in the morning Sindre got a brand new brother

Tormod - 52cm  and 4750gr - Welcome to the family!

Atle has become GRANDPA!

Atle's daughter - Kjersti - has got a heartbreaker named Anne Dorthe

Welcome to the family Anne Dorthe


Proud Grandpa, mammy and me!


Sverre has designed his own tattoo!

Anette has piercing